Setting Out & Survey Controls

Setting Out - We provide setting out of non-detailed, outline features such as overall building plots, fence lines and footpaths. We can also set out General Boundary lines or new land parcel boundaries.

Survey Controls - We can locate existing survey controls where they cannot be easily found on the ground. We can install 2nd order survey controls (ground markers or retro targets) to complement or extend an existing survey control system. We can also re-orientate an existing arbitrary local control system to Ordnance Survey grid and/or Newlyn datum.

Total Station - We can undertake setting out using traditional Total Station approach, by reference to existing survey controls.

GNSS RTK - For greater efficiency, and where appropriate and practical, we can set out using GNSS RTK. This can be done even when working to an arbitrary local grid (rather than Ordnance Survey) since we can re-orientate the equipment to local grid.

Quality Control - The GNSS RTK equipment constantly monitors the variable accuracy of the measurement. We use the in-built automatic quality-control thresholds to ensure that measurements are within RICS and client specifications. Spot checks can also be taken with generally more accurate Total Station.