Land Registry Plans


TP1 and DB - We provide plans to support TP1 and DB applications as required.

Land Registry Compliant - Our plans are fully compliant with Land Registry guidelines.

Refined - We have refined our system over the last decade including meeting with District Officers at the Land Registry to better understand their processes and to clarify special case issues not necessarily covered in the Supplementary notes.

Excellence - Our land registry plans have been critically acclaimed under TSA peer-review, as an example of Excellence.

Sustainable - By default we provide the plans electronically (PDF format), in keeping with our Environmental Policy and as now accepted by the Land Registry. Though, we can provide paper copies at your discretion and convenience (see printing fees).

Measured Survey - We have conceived a flexible hybrid, multi-view solution for combining Ordnance Survey map data with our local survey data for efficiency and clarity. We use GNSS RTK to accurately geo-position our precise local survey for direct overlay to the OS (Ordnance Survey) index map on which Title Plans are themselves based.

Plans - All plans are to guideline paper size (generally A3 or A4) and drawing scales (generally 1:500, 1:1250 or 1:2500).

Location - It is imperative that Land Registry Officers can identify the location of the plan. As such we always include a location grid, scale bar and North arrow. We use our experience to decide the extent of the OS index map extract, attempting to include nearby recognisable features whilst balancing extract licencing cost (proportional to area) and printing sheet size.

Overview - We also include a licenced overview map (usually Ordnance Survey StreetView) where necessary to clarify location.

Enlargements - We include large scale enlargements of detailed features too, where required.

Red Edging - Naturally we properly include the obligatory red border edging.

Complete Picture - Where key features are missing from the OS map, such as a building, we include this in our survey, for clarity. Showing such features can give further assurance, to vendor & purchaser, that a new boundary line is positioned as intended.

All in the detail - We can also include dimensioning, easement hatching or other notes as required.

Certified - DP plans include detailed dimensions and grid co-ordinates as applicable, certified to Land Registry stipulated relative & absolute accuracies.

Prices start from £200+VAT (TP1 plan without site survey) including Ordnance Survey index map extract licencing costs. If a site survey is required, our fees start at £500+VAT.