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Fees for Paper Copies of Plans

In keeping with our corporate responsibility, we have Environmental Policy which aims to reduce our carbon footprint.

Accordingly we provide our survey drawings in electronic form with additional fees attributable should our clients require paper copies at their discretion and convenience.

The additional charges are comprised of costs per sheet, delivery charges per order and an admin. fee per order.

Costs per sheet: (Choose black & white or colour)

Paper Size    Black&White      or     Colour

A0                 £1.40                            £10.00

A1                 £0.80                              £6.50

A2                 £0.60                              £4.00

A3                 £0.40                              £1.50

A4                 £0.20                              £1.00

Delivery charge(s) per Order of £10.00 for rolled sheets and/or £5.00 for folded sheets.

Delivery is UK mainland only. Restrictions and additional costs may apply.

Administration cost per Order (over and above costs per sheet and delivery charges) of £10.00.

All prices exclude VAT at 20%. This information is for illustration only. Prices and terms may be subject to change without notice.

Drawings can only be provided at original presentation size.

Where the drawing contains detail from a licenced Ordnance Survey (OS) electronic map extract, a fee may be applicable to extend the original period of OS licencing (usually one year) if this has since expired.

We do not freely provide unauthorised copies (paper or electronic) of our Copyright plans & reports to 3rd Parties to whom we have no contractual obligation or duty of care. Agents (such as an Architect) seeking a copy must be working for and on behalf of the original Client to whom we have extended a right of use and we may require specific and direct authorisation from the original Client to distribute under their right of use.

Subject to any applicable statutory rights, copy distribution does not confer any warranty to the recipient nor extend the period or terms of any existing warranty to which the original Client might already be entitled in relation to the original survey provision.

We will consider applications from third parties for copies of our original material, but we will provide copies only at our discretion and subject to a suitable fee.

Fees for Paper Copies of Plans: About
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